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01 MMD Archives Updated Jody Kravitz
02 Building Music Boxes Robert Linnstaedt
03 Welte Orchestrion for R.M.S. Titanic Andy Struble
04 New Wurlitzer 165 Recordings Marc Elbasani
05 "Max Kortlander: Life on a Roll" Bryan Cather
06 MMD'ers Meet in San Francisco Joyce Brite
07 New Web Page Shows Our Restoration Work Andy Taylor
08 Seek "Dodge Brothers March" Jim Anselmo
09 Rachmaninoff Rolls on Telarc CD-80489 Wayne Stahnke
10 Recording Music Rolls with a QRS Pianomation Adrian Schmidt
11 Dowsing For Water Andy LaTorre
12 Making Fiber Phonograph Needles Bruce Clark
13 Needles and Springs For Victrolas Bill Ryan
14 Cleaning Dry Powder From the Piano Strings Eddie Fulmer
15 Mold and Paper Products Joe Orens
16 Irradiating Mold on Piano Rolls Ray Fairfield
17 Cecilian Player Piano Larry Fisher
18 Old Vacuum Tubes Will Herzog
19 Value of Kramer Baby Upright Player Gerry Bay
20 FS: 65-note Pushup Player in UK Dan Wilson, London