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MIDI Music for 20-Key "Magieca" Player Accordion
By Marvin Polan

Hi,  I have been following the discussions of MIDI file editing for
street organs with great interest.  I purchased six months ago
a self-playing accordion (Magieca) made in Germany.  Although it
came with a "Smart Media Card" with 350 songs, there were few that
were recognizable for the American market.

I have been busy learning about the "Memory" file structure, and having
done that have been trying to arrange MIDI music of additional songs.
The musical scale of the instrument appears to be the same as the
busker organ, 20 notes, C scale, with two F-sharp accidentals.

Note &  MIDI
octave   No.

G4       55
C5       60
D5       62
E5       64
F5       65
F#5      66
G5       67
A5       69
B5       71
C6       72

D6       74
E6       76
F6       77
F#6      78
G6       79
A6       81
B6       83
C7       84
D7       86
E7       88

I have been using Cakewalk Home Studio which sells for approximately
$60 at COMP USA.  It is not to easy to learn because the features are
so numerous that it is difficult to find information on the limited
functions I am interested in.

If any one either has MIDI files that are arranged in this key and want
to share them I would appreciate and or willing to pay a reasonable
sum.  Any further information on arranging for this limited number of
notes would also be of help.  I have not gotten the "hang" of how to
replace unable notes that cannot be moved to another available octave.

I have a number of songs that I entered from sheet music and modified
from Internet MIDI files with mixed results, but would be willing to
share with others.

Marvin Polan

 [ Made by Hans-Joachim Glapa of Herten, Germany.  See
 [ &
 [ -- Robbie

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