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Using Cakewalk to Adapt Music for Street Organ
By Ingmar Krause

Hello Bob Essex!  Thanks for quite some helpful input [030419 MMDigest].
However, I'm not quite sure on how exactly certain parts of your
posting were intended and as such I'm having a little hard time on
answering to it.  So, right away: no hard feelings here!

> Arthur Nichols' enquiry about using Cakewalk has generated the usual
> responses in the "I don't quite know, but I think" category.

Which, as I think, are better then no response and, as in this case,
triggered finally someone with knowledge to step forward!

> In fact, Cakewalk is a superb medium for such rearrangement work, ...

Hear! Hear!

> but certain preparatory learning is needed to use it successfully.

Uh, well, yes -- something you will have to learn in any case, but
some, e.g., myself, have used it successfully already so far.  What
I have to admit, though, is that with your reply you probably have cut
down on my time that I had to spend so far marking and pushing bars

> It is somewhat beyond a single MMD posting to explain how to use
> Interpolate, but it is a fantastically powerful tool, well described
> in the manual, that has a myriad uses.  Learn to use it and the
> world of music rearranging is at your feet.

I didn't have a manual handy, as I never possessed one, but the help
menu is sophisticated enough to actually help out.

Start a CAL record (which, by the way, is not in "View", but in
"File/NEW", at least here in Cakewalk Pro 9) then interpolate the range
above the organ scale down, then interpolate the range below the organ
scale up, then interpolate all "missing" keys to other positions and
then save your CAL.

Now you can use the CAL to do the same, uh, 20-some steps for every new
MIDI file you will be working on.

> You don't necessarily need to be a musician but you do need a basic
> understanding of the structure of music scales and how they transpose
> up and down by semitones to form the various key signatures.

Oh, nooo!  You're not!  Don't say you not gonna have to be a musician!
Bad bad bad!

Well, I guess for using those CAL scripts you don't need to be a
musician -- much more a programmer -- but to make the end product
into a successful version of the original you better darn well be a
musician.  There is already enough "wrongly" arranged music out there!

greetings by(e) InK - Ingmar Krause
Victoria, BC, Canada

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