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picture of Jody Jody Kravitz lives with his wife and two children in the village of Julian, California, which lies in the mountains between San Diego and the Salton Sea.  He works as a software systems designer for a high-tech computer company near San Diego.  When he was a student studying electrical engineering he worked at a piano store and gained a love for the piano and the music of the player piano.  His instrument collection consists only of a Yamaha C-7 piano with a QRS Pianomation player, but there is always lots of music playing on his several computers.

picture of Robbie Robbie Rhodes is a (soon-to-retire) electronic designer for Lockheed-Martin Company and otherwise arranges and performs the songs of the Ragtime Era and the Roaring Twenties.  He lives with his wife in Etiwanda, California, nearby Ontario and San Bernardino, and collects music rolls for his 3 player pianos and a nickelodeon.  He performs regularly with "Old Style" Dixieland Jazz bands and at ragtime piano playing events; he arranges piano rolls published by Hot Piano Classics and BluesTone, and supplied the music roll for the player organ scene in the movie, "Dracula - Dead and Loving It!"

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Foxtail Services and Computer Technology

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The Foxtail web server operates on a Pentium® PC using the BSD/OS operating system. This Posix compliant (Unix®-like) operating system from Berkeley Software Design Inc., (BSDI), is my favorite for software development projects and for web site hosting. With more than 20 years of Unix® software development experience, I'm proud to announce that I am now a "source-licensed" dealer for this product. The Foxtail Group can do kernel-level software development, as well as routine sales, installation and support.  For information on services of The Foxtail Group, please send us e-mail.

For entertainment, you might like to look at the BSD/OS Hypertext Man Pages


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Above, an April Fool's Day Gift from Aeroswine Research Corporation

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