Can you identify these rolls from

Keyboard Specialties ?

We are trying to find more information about these rolls that were produced by Keyboard Specialties.

What type of machine uses these rolls?  The flanges are too large for an 88-note player.  There is no "snake bite" coding on the rolls.

They are multi-tune rolls with aluminum flanges.  The measurements are as follows:

    Roll width:  28.6 cm ~ = 11.25 inches
    Hole width:  nearly 0.2 cm ~ = .079 inch diameter
    Spacing:  0.2 cm ~ = 12 holes/inch

The diameter of the entire end cap is 9.5 cm.  The center "pins" of end caps are 4.5 cm.  In the center of these two pins, one end is slotted, the other end has a round hole.

We would very much appreciate it if you can provide any information about these rolls.

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