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The Mechanical Music Digest is a discussion group for collectors, restorers and others interested in player pianos, music boxes and other mechanical music instruments. If you wish to be added to this mailing list, Subscribe here.

Societies and Organizations

Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association (AMICA) is devoted to the restoration, distribution and enjoyment of musical instruments using perforated paper music rolls and perforated music books.

The Musical Box Society International is dedicated to the enjoyment, study, and preservation of automatic and mechanical music instruments.

The web site for the Fair Organ Preservation Society in England includes pictures of fair organs, plus information about museums, fair organ history, coming events and other facts.


The Musica Mecanica web pages in Paris, France have fine examples of mechanical music instruments. You can also learn about museums, private collections and other places to visit all over Europe and the World. This page is in French, English, and German.

Mechanical Music Suppliers

Angelo's Music Box is the exclusive U.S. agent for Pell and Le Ludion organs.

Le Ludion, located in France, restores, manufactures and markets traditional book-operated organs. A wide variety of tunes is available for these organs. This web site includes many examples of the type of instruments offered.

Jäger and Brommer German Organ Factories, in Waldkirch, are builders and restorers of monkey organs, fairground organs, and church organs. Their site provides information about their factory and products offered.

Bird Music offers fine music boxes, band organs and player pianos for sale.

Melvyn Wright's Home Page features perforated music for Band Organs and Monkey Organs. He has also developed the Harmonist Player system, and the little Harmonette busker organ.

Bill Wineburgh's Home Page includes musical boxes and related items for sale, and a link to Bill's Musical Box Museum. Also includes links to Mechanical Music Associations and several dealers in antique musical boxes.

Merry-Go-Round Music offers new organs and Odeon Disc systems for sale, and also restores various types of older organs.

The Great Canadian Nickelodeon Co. Lts Restorers of all types of Automated Musical Inst. Manufacture of Band, Street and Fairground Organs, Nickelodeons etc. Installers for the QRS Pianomation. Custom built instruments, Custom MIDI interfaces for old instruments that do not affect their historical value.

Player Piano Restoration and Repair

Player Piano Restoration and Repair is owned and operated by Sam Harris and located in Greenville, North Carolina. Check out this site for all your restoration and repair needs for 88-note pianos.

Music and MIDI

Looking for rolls? The Piano Roll Shop has many recuts, plus good used, and hard-to-find rolls. Roll auctions are held several times a year. Recordings and books are also available.

Karl Ellison's web site has over 20 RealAudio songs (program may vary) and numerous player piano links.

John Roache's Ragtime MIDI Library has a variety of MIDI files for your listening enjoyment. Even if you don't have a MIDI player, it's worth a visit to the site just to check out the graphics!

George Bogatko's web site has MIDI and MPEG files, and more. New cassette now available! Mr. Bogatko has written and/or arranged several piano rolls, and samples of his work are available at his web site.

Andy Taylor is a music arranger who has produced a number of piano rolls. MIDI files can also be found at his site.

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