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For Sale:   We have a have a number of Parex player rollers, this one is No 49323 Toy Drum Major. Please contact kelvynjohn@gmail.com. Many thanks. -- (Posted 25 February 16)

Wanted:  Moller Player. Call Chad Snow at 330-896-1040. -- (Posted 25 February 16)

For Sale:  Player piano player parts from an old upright piano. The parts are for a Gulbransen player piano player with the serial number 13760.

Items include:
Spool box and motor (re-hosed and functional)
Pneumatic stack mounting plate (with cover) for individual key bellows
Individual key bellows (88 -- re-clothed), with screws for mounting plate and top covers
Main pedal bellows on stack (in need of restoration), with main bellows' springs, valves, and bellows-to-pedal connection brackets
Neoprene hose for pneumatic stack to spool box connections
Miscellaneous support bellows
In-rail selection buttons
Miscellaneous support brackets, connecting rods and hoses, and screws

Items may be of value to a player piano restoration business.
Selling or donating: depends on the item or items desired; some likely have more value than others.
I am not trying to make a bunch of money on any of this but a little would be nice.
One of my objectives is to get a little more room in my basement; and to keep them from eventually ending up in a landfill (after I die an my wife throws them away ;-) ).

I am sure some of the items are only worth the value of the shipping costs, or the cost of a driving trip to collect; if even that. But if some of the items have value to you greater than the shipping costs, then I would hope you would give me a fair minimal payment for them. Maybe one price for all the items you would like; those that have more value along with the others that have minimal value. Located in the Doylestown, PA area. Pictures available via e-mail upon request. Please contact me via E-mail: cubesweetcube@aol.com -- (Posted 25 February 16)

Free:   Ennis upright player piano circa 1925 with approx 50 original rolls and approx 50 new rolls. (you need to transport). Good ivory and mechanical condition. All notes play. Using vacumm cleaner for power. Have bellows (which have lost seal). Will go to dump on 3-Mar-16. Michigan. Ph. 89-636-2532. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For sale:   Ampico Studio Upright Top Loader. The time has come for me to say goodbye to a fun little piano. I'm looking for a new home for my Marshall and Wendell Ampico studio upright. It was restored by Tom Ahearn circa 1990 with new strings, hammers, a complete pneumatic restoration and plays up a storm. This piano is in its orginal Mahogany case with bench. It is 46-1/2 inches tall. Perfect for an apartment or cottage. A new bass bridge was put in by Tom Binnall in 2013 and certain other pneumatic components were renewed at that time. This is the model that was built for music and dancing schools and has it's originial finished back piece that gives the piano the look of finished furniture front and back. Asking $1995. 10 Ampico rolls included. Piano is located in the Seattle area. mjs@modernwisdom.com -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   1923 Weber XR Duo-Art 5’8” in great shape. Excellent sound board. Excellent Ivory. Nice harp. Case has decent finish but has some nicks and chips. Never restored so player does not work. Piano from California. Great candidate for a rebuild. $690. Willing to help load or transport locally for extra fee. cyrusanderica@gmail.com or Ph. 408-483-0253. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   One Yamaha HQ300 Automatic Player Piano. A modern day working Japanese model player piano in very good condition. Uses floppy disks for input but also has plug ins for computer operation. Low maintenance automatic humidifying kit was added to maintain correct humidity levels. Asking 7000 dollars, but price is negotiable. Local pickup only (buyer assumes responsibility for pickup and shipping). Photos and video available upon request by contacting sellers via email at a1dogboy@hotmail.com or jprotiva77@gmail.com or by phone: Berry: 405-778-9501 or Jim: 405-800-4824. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   One Hastner Auto Piano Leipzig Player Piano. An antique German model player piano in need of some repair. Also available with piano is an extra main component. Price is negotiable, make offer. Local pickup only (buyer assumes responsibility for pickup and shipping). Photos and video available upon request by contacting sellers via email at a1dogboy@hotmail.com or jprotiva77@gmail.com or by phone: Berry: 405-778-9501 or Jim: 405-800-4824. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   65 note Story & Clark player piano and rolls. Serial number 31825. Year 1910. Includes over 350 rolls. Pictures available upon request. Located in Massachusetts. Make an offer. ljlw1@yahoo.com -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For sale:   105keys Decap dance organ. Good condition with lot of books. Located in France. vincent_thebault@yahoo.fr. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:  Presently I am offering newly manufactured Seeburg atmospheric valve covers. These valve covers are made of hard maple to exact specifications of the originals. Further information and price can be obtained from: achtermann1147@att.net or call 815-935-1655. Ron Hartman. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For sale:   500+ 88 note player piano rolls. ALL in complete boxes with labels and all in excellent condition. Always stored inside house, not damp cellar or attic. About half classical and half popular, many holiday pieces. Many player classics. Photos available. Sold as entire collection. Owner downsizing. Make me a offer.
Contact John Klinck in Vermont at klinckjohn@gmail.com or 802-462-3915.

For Sale:   Angelus Piano Player from the 1890's. The Angelus is a piano player, not to be confused with a player piano. This player would replace a human piano player with a mechanical one. To make it work, it would be pushed up to a piano or organ key board. A person would then sit in front of the player and pump the pedals. It runs on punched paper rolls similar to the type player pianos use. Each song has a different roll. Sadly, this no longer works. The cabinet is made of wood. Historically, these were made of Rosewood, but I have been told by experts that it is walnut or mahogany. Whatever the wood, it has a beautiful grain to it. It is quite a conversation starter piece of furniture. It is in good vintage condition with a few scratches and a is missing a couple of pieces of trim. Also included is 16 paper song rolls. It measures 43" wide, 42" tall and 21 1/2" deep.
This beautiful item is well over 100 years old.
Located in Canyon, TX in the Texas Panhandle, just south of Amarillo.
Buyer responsible for crating and shipping cost.
For pictures see: http://amarillo.craigslist.org/atq/5381458027.html
For more information: terribass1@sbcglobal.net -- (Posted 8 January 16)

For Sale:  Mason & Hamlin RBB Ampico A. Serial #34638. (1926).
    • 7 foot, 1 inch reproducing grand piano
    • Very rare, top collector-grade.
    • Black high polish satin finish with matching bench.
    • Fully restored recently. Still like new. Not played on since restoration.
    • ALL work done by Craig Brougher, possibly the most talented and skilled restorer of such instruments. Craig spent countless hours over a 6 month period working solely on this piano.
    • Also equipped with a computer interface which makes this instrument midi-capable with professional concert quality performances.
    Principals only, please. No dealers.
Please click on this link for photos, audio clips, detailed information, pricing, and to contact me: http://piano755.wix.com/masonhamlin
Email: chayimlife@sbcglobal.net. -- Posted 8 January 16)

Wanted:  The following piano rolls:
    Floatin’ Down To Cotton Town
    Entrance Of The Gladiators (Play-Rite version)
    Blue Rose Waltz (Supertone)
    Chloe (Imperial, Pianostyle)
    If I Had You
    Sweet Georgia Brown (1925 US Piano Roll Co. #43131)
    Missouri Waltz (Pianostyle)
    That’s My Weakness (Pianostyle)
    Bye, Bye Blackbird (Pianostyle
    El Capitan (Supertone)
If you have any of these rolls, please respond to: zoojuliet@olypen.com -- (Posted 8 January 16)

For Sale:  
1.  Player organ, plays 88 note player piano rolls
-Excellent condition but needs some work to play

2.  Player piano roll cabinet
-Very good condition $150

3.Victrola Oakwood
New springs, rebuilt, refinished, perfect condition

4.Victrola Mahogany
New springs, rebuilt, original finish, very nice
For all of these, pictures are available upon request and for more information please contact Les Bebe at 609-654-2789. -- Posted 15 December 15

For Sale:  1920 Chickering Parlor Grand piano with Ampico player, serial No. 132778, in beautiful mahogany. It comes with a closely matching bench but is not the original, in good condition. The sound is remarkable. Just tuned. The Ampico player mechanism was refurbished about 12 years ago. It has been working perfectly as recently as a month ago. The original 100 year-old electric motor got tired so I removed it and had a shop service it. I reinstalled the motor and the mechanism runs great, but it is not playing all of the notes. There are two loose tubes underneath that I believe are responsible. For the life of me, I cannot tell where they connect to. It has the original ivory keys, in good condition. The case was refinished in the 1980's and is in very good condition. It is a very nice looking piece of furniture! I also have an approx. 1,000 piano roll collection I am selling separately. Will send the list if you are interested in the piano. Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping. Piano is located in Bend, Oregon. Phone Jill at: (818) 231-789 zero. -- (Posted 15 December 15)

For Sale:  Pipe Organ For Sale: 1935 Aeolian-Skinner residence organ with player. The organ, opus 919, was originally installed in Westfield, PA. Current location: Tunkhannock, PA. Price is negotiable. Phone: 570-268-5035. -- (Posted 24 November 15)

For Sale:  Two reproducing Grand Player Pianos - (1) Marshall & Wendell Grand Player. Ampico. Needs cabinet restoration (painted) and player tune-up (was working prior to storage in climate controlled area), and (2) Weber Grand Player , Duo Art. Has external wind chest. Casing is french-polished. Please email mentorall@aol.com if interested. (Posted 12 November 15)

For Sale:  Over 500 piano rolls various types all in working order. I also have empty, replacement spindles and end discs. I am asking $1.00 per roll, sold in boxes of 40 rolls only. Please contact me if interested at uncleclare@outlook.com -- (Posted 12 November 15)

For Sale:  Mahogany Violano Virtuoso. Restored by Haughawout Music Co. MIDI wireless, lots of MIDI music.
Wurlitzer 125 Completely restored ready for your trailer. MIDI with xylophone. Large music library.
Grand roller organ Restored with 10 Rollers.
Cremona A Roll piano with xylophone.
Coinola C-2
Pianotainer (Fox Music) stain glass 44 note cabinet piano
Regina 20-¾" folding top music box with 5 discs

Phone Wilbur J. Herr at 330-682-3344 or E-Mail wjhplayerp@aol.com. -- (Posted 22 October 15)

For Sale:  1930's Stroud Aeolian duo art baby grand player piano. Serial #103332. National Piano Manufacturers Assn #A49000. Bench and 12 rolls included. Fully restored within the last ten years. Piano is clean and in good playing condition. $2,000.00 OBO. Call for pricing details. Willing to take best offers. VERY motivated to sell!!!! Brett 702-882-9293. -- (Posted 22 October 15)

For Sale:  Over 500 piano rolls various types all in working order from various manufacturers. I also have empty, replacement spindles and end discs. I am asking $1.00 per roll, sold in boxes of 40 rolls only. Please contact me if interested at uncleclare@outlook.com -- (Posted 22 October 15)

Trade:  I would like to trade my roll collection for Welte-Mignon rolls. Anyone interested? I have 100 Duo Art, 50 Ampico, and 100's of standard 88. Let's wheel and deal! Please call or text Jon at 207-251-1953. I'm in Maine. -- (Posted 17 September 15)

For Sale:  Wurlitzer 103 Band Organ -- SOLD!

For Sale:  1921 Sohmer Reproducing Player Grand Piano with Welte-Mignon action. -- SOLD!

For Sale:  Baldwin Modello antique wood upright player pumper piano from the early 1900's. Working condition, just tuned and looked over. Piano bench and rolls included. 55in high x 62in wide x 27in deep. $200. Tortugakell@yahoo.com -- (Posted 17 September 15)

Wanted:  Melville Clark Apollophone piano with phonograph. Must be complete with spring motor and phonograph. mjs@modernwisdom.com -- (Posted 17 September 15)

For Sale:  Custom-built, A-roll player unit capable of operating a 61-note instrument. Electronics are in good working order. Pictures available upon request. Inquiries can be made to Matt at matthew.dow@hotmail.com. -- (Posted 25 August 15)

Wanted:   A copy of Dive Bomber played by John Farrell on JAM piano roll. fireman630@outlook.comgreentrop.96 -- (Posted 30 July 15)

For Sale:  180 piano rolls for sale. The rolls are from 1900 to about 1935. Several manufacturers, all but 2 are 88 note (there are 2, 65 note rolls). Approx 140 are in excellent to like new condition including the original boxes. 30 others have box damage but the rolls are in excellent condition. The remaining 10 don't have boxes and there is damage to the rolls of various degree. Please email for a list. Serious inquiries only and please, no lowball offers. Must be sold as an entire lot. Please put "Piano" as the title in the email subject line. sci2121@yahoo.com -- (Posted 30 July 15)

Wanted:   Apollo Red X rolls, QRS Autograph Automatic rolls, Seeburg X or XP rolls, Price and Teeple Art Symphonola rolls, Bluestone recut 88 note and Apollo expression rolls. James Williams ampicojim@netscape.net or 801-394-7263. Thank you. -- (Posted 30 July 15)

For Sale:  1921 Autoplay piano for sale. Beautifully French Polished. A couple of hundred rolls. $2,000.000 obo Vancouver BC. maduda@shaw.ca -- (Posted 30 July 15)

For Sale:   Aeolian Duoart Reproducing Grand Piano 1917. Player completely restored in 2014. Piano in good original condition, cabinet refinished. Buyer responsible for professional shipping and delivery. For further details contact me by email at henry.bruning@yahoo.com -- (Posted 30 July 15)

For Sale:  1926 Wellsmore player. Located in Easley, SC. Beautiful mahogany veneer, fully restored- works great. Includes matching bench and roughly 140 rolls. Serial number 135410. Great conversation piece or perfect for restaurant or bar. Call 864-238-1795 for more details. $2,000. -- (Posted 4 June 15)

For Sale:  Simplex pushup player. It rolls up to any standard piano and plays rolls like a player piano. About 1910. The case is quarter sawn oak and all original. The main spring which runs the rolls is intact and working. The player part is also original but would need a rebuild to function properly. I have owned this for 20 years and have always intended to rebuild it but have not found the time to do so. I will send you pictures at your request. asking $350.00 as is. You can contact me at ekbarn@aol.com. Thanks. -- (Posted 4 June 15)

For Sale:  Aeolian Duo-Art Baby Grand Player Piano from 1917. Evaluated by Piano EMT. Piano in good condition overall. Player system needs work. Some maintenance could make player run for 5-10 years, but tracker system will eventually need to be rebuilt. Same owner last 33 years. $1000 or best offer. Pictures available upon request. john.vesel@excite.com -- (Posted 4 June 15)

For Sale:   Over 200 rolls. Mostly Aeolian and QRS, Some Imperial, Vocalstyle, Connorized and deluxe Supertone also. Lots of Christmas music. Old classics and broadway tunes. All but a few in boxes, good condition. Make an offer. Also, 1960 Ivers and Pond player piano, free, you move. Pittsburgh area. kardasl@pitt.edu -- (Posted 4 June 15)

For Sale:   1920’s Everson Player Piano. Completely refurbished in the 1990’s by Ron Schmuck of Great Nickelodeon. Honky Tonk sound installed at that time. Great condition just needs a tune up as recently went through a move. Included almost 50 scrolls. Delivery/Shipping not included. Price $6,000.00. suelarryr@gmail.com -- (Posted 4 June 15)

Free:  IVERS and POND up-right player piano with bench, piano rolls, and sheet music in good working order and condition. Must remove from my home located in Nassau County, New York. Contact famfazi@aol.com --(Posted 4 June 15)

For Sale:  1929 Steinway art-case Duo-art Ser# 268284. It is a spanish case style with a bull and matador. Factory hand painted cabinet with iron leg supports. The paintings are in original condition along with the piano portion. The player stack and mechanism was professionally rebuilt but is not installed. My father owned this piano for over 20 years with intentions on restoring it, but never got around to it. I am asking $5500 but will entertain offers. Pictures are available upon request. dusepianoman@gmail.com or call Kyle @(270)304-7133. -- (Posted 5 May 15)

For Sale:  I have a full scale Themodist TL20141 Fledermaus waltz concert paraphrase by Schutt, Schumann manufactured by The Aeolian Company, LTD London and NewYork, made in Great Britain want to sell it make offer. emberlott@gmail.com -- (Posted 6 April 15)

For Sale:  1930 Haines Bros/Ampico 'B' Reproducing grand piano -- SOLD!

For Sale:  Magic Fingers complete unit to add to player capability to any regular piano. Still in shipping crate, metal value stack, spool box, vacuum unit, power unit, and would need to be reinforced to shipment. $500 o.b.o. pick up in Greenville, South Carolina. Some delivery possibilities. Photo in website at http://www.pedalspumpersrolls.com. Contact pedalpumpersrolls@gmail.com or call (864)-238-2677. -- (Posted 12 February 15)

For Sale:  Amipco Rolls Factory Master, some rolls are numbered accordingly. Own a bit of reproducing piano history. Approximately 18" wide with sprocket drive holes in the margins. Single song $50 (4in diameter) Two Songs $100 (8" diameter) and a medley $150 (10" to 12" diameter) Contact me at (864)-238-2677 my email is pedalpumpersrolls@gmail.com -- (Posted 12 February 15)

For Sale:  1927 Aeolian Duo-Art Reproducing player grand piano with excellent ivory keys - rebuilt in 1975 - refinished in 1997 and has a matching bench and piano roll cabinet plus 20 excellent condition Duo-Art reproducing player rolls. This piano is a classic pre-depression full reproducing player grand piano that can pay both regular piano rolls and ones encoded with full reproduction of the original artists. Appraised June 2011 at $11,840.00 - I have a new Yamaha piano so this wonderful piano must go to make space. Player needs minor repair on accompaniment and solo bellows and still plays well. For pics search Seattle Craigslist for Musical Instruments & Steck or email me at: kc2travel@gmail.com Thank you! NOTE: Buyer is responsible for shipping and delivery. -- (Posted 12 February 15)

For Sale:  I have 30 Full Scale Themodist and Full Scale Themodist-Metrostyle player piano rolls manufactured by the Aeolian Company in Great Brittan circa 1920s that I am wanting to sell for any reasonable amount plus cost of shipping. They are all in very good condition and playable but I no longer have the 1923 Aeolian player piano to play them on. The majority of these rolls are classical in nature.
If you are interested please make me an offer. If you are not interested and you know of someone who could be interested in these rolls I would appreciate you giving me contact information or have them contact me. It would be a shame to toss these rolls into a land fill. Email: tomarytor@att.net or call 704-827-0589. -- (Posted 12 February 15)

For Sale:  J P Seeburg remote control coin box. Selling price $1,500.00. iamfit4life@sbcglobal.net -- (Posted 13 January 15)

For Sale:  J P Seeburg Coin Operated Piano Nickelodian 1920’s. This piano is mostly original. The piano needs to be completely restored. It is highly unusual that all original parts and entire unit remains intact, including the accumulator. Also on average a complete professional restoration of this piano would amount to $18,000.00 to $20,000.00. This is merely an estimate. Selling Price as is: $6,000.00. Email iamfit4life@sbcglobal.net -- (Posted 13 January 15)

For Sale:  Looking to sell or donate to worthy organization a 1927 Baby Grand Welte-Mignon Original Reproducing Player Piano. In very good mechanical condition, having been restored about 10 years ago. Also have more than 50 piano rolls, many original Welte-Mignon. Call 323 650-1441. -- (Posted 13 January 15)

For Sale:  25 vintage piano rolls for sale. cnjinaz@cox.net -- (Posted 13 January 15)

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