Pictures from Metz

La Cathédrale St. Etienne
Composite - La Cathédrale St. Etienne
Cathedral and Moselle River
Over church door
Detail - sculptures on exterior
Exterior detail
Stained glass

City of Metz
Bill and Fernando Rhodes
Hotel where I stayed is first building on the left
Place St. Jacques
Side street looking toward cathedral
City view -1
City view - 2
City view - 3
City view - 4
Houses overlooking river
Protestant church
Motorcycle parking
Detail of door handle
Piano in second-hand store
Old (Medieval?) tower and train station

Les Musées de la Cour d'Or
Relief sculpture
Sculpture detail
Museum section in old granary
Statue - 1
Statues - 2
Madonna and Child
Who is that tourist in the window?

Copyright 2001 by J. H. Brite