Music Boxes - including Discs, Cylinders and Parts

(Last update: 8 January 99)

For Sale: Music box cylinders. For availability and prices, email or call (714) 836-7368 (voice), or fax (714) 543-0835. Check out our web site at -- (Posted 8 January 99)

For Sale: Large selection of antique music box parts in stock. We either have it on the shelf or we can reproduce almost any music box part for disc or cylinder music boxes. We also make any and all gears even if the gear or part is not for a music box. Governors rebuilt and made. Spring barrels, complete spring wound motors, cranks and much more. Finest quality music box repair and restoration work for over 30 years. Al Meekins, The Meekins Music Box Co., Box 161, Collingswood, NJ 08108. Email or phone 609-858-6421, fax 609-858-1642. -- (Posted 12 October 98)

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