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Player Pianos and Reproducing Pianos

Player Piano Horror Story -- by John A. Tuttle (MMD 001002)
Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump  -- by John A. Tuttle (000927 MMDigest)
Marantz Pianocorder -- article in Electronic Design magazine, courtesy Mike Knudsen
Boyd Pistonola Player Action -- The mechanism is ingenious, being the smallest player action ever devised.  Contributed by David Evans, Keith Pritchett, Richard Vance.

Percy Grainger's Piano -- Harvey and Marion Roehl at Percy Grainger Museum in Melbourne, Australia
The Welte-Mignon Reproducing Piano, images and newspaper articles courtesy Gerhard Dangel-Reese,  Augustinermuseum, Freiburg 
Reservoir and pressure governor for Welte original grand piano -- sought by Tony Marsico
178-hole tracker bar for Kastner Autopiano -- courtesy Iñigo Perez-España, Madrid
Early Weber Duo-Art Upright -- courtesy Mario Solimbergo
Chickering Cabinet Player Piano (67 kb) -- courtesy Don Teach
"Memory Lane Special" Coinola  when it was on exhibit at Paul and Laura Eakins' Gay 90's Melody Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. (112 kb) -- courtesy Brian Smith
Dual 88-Note Spoolbox Unit -- by Dick Beery
Player Piano Actions -- Bush & Lane action courtesy Ed Gaida
Music Roll Perforator at Precision Music Rolls -- by Dave Saul
Music Roll Reader & Perforator at Custom Music Rolls, Richardson TX -- by Richard Tonnesen
Push-up Piano Players and Vorsetzers -- by Robbie Rhodes

Welte Remote Pump -- by Vicki Webb
Transposing Duo-Art Tracker Bar -- Courtesy of Ed Hayden
Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
Isle of Capri Player Piano, Percussion Close up -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
Isle of Capri Player Piano, Steel Drum Close-up -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern

Welte Motor and Control Switch -- Courtesy of John Burton, Australia

Image of a Player Piano sought by Andy Taylor
Disintegrating pouch made of Perflex fabric

Shut-off Pneumatic for 1960 vintage Aeolian Player Piano


"Isis Playing the Zither", Automaton by C. E. Nixon -- by Hal Davis
Monkey Violinist Automaton in  San Jose, California -- courtesy Marc Kaufman
Robot Band, The Story -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley
Robot Band, Another View -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley
Robot Band -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley
Robot Band, Hi Resolution View -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley

Band Organs / Dance Organs

"Taj Mahal" 101-key Mortier Dance Hall Organ -- photos by Craig Robson
Hooghuys Organs in Belgium -- by Bjorn Isebaert
Wurlitzer Style 50 Band Organ ("The Kiddie Organ") -- by Hal Davis & Dan Robinson
Wurlitzer 157 Facade Replica -- courtesy Tom Grace
"Het Snotneusje", the bravest organ of the Netherlands -- by Hans van Oost
Mechanical Organs of Mirecourt -- by Françiose Dussour
Gebrueder Bruder "Airophon" Music Roll Organs -- courtesy Tim Trager
The "Taj Mahal" 101-key Mortier dance hall organ. -- photo by Hathaway and Bowers.
110-key Gavioli at Euclid Beach Park -- by Tim Trager
Seabreeze Park Carousel Organ -- by Matthew Caulfield, photos courtesy Rick Inzero
Player Organ for Cruise Ship MS Zaandam -- Courtesy Elbert Pluer

Seventails Productions / Pooker Organ Division -- Courtesy of Vicki Webb
Metal Trumpet Pipe
Trumpet Pipe & Dolceanna
Band Organ
CEO (feline)
Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ at Glen Echo Park, Maryland -- Courtesy Matthew Caulfield.
Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ owned by John Malone -- Courtesy Marc Elbasani

Limonaire -- Courtesy of  Hal Davis

Stinson Organ Pictures -- Courtesy of Rick Inzero

Barrel Piano

Gasparini Handle Reproductions -- by Philip Jamison
The Laterna - A Greek Barrel Piano -- Photos courtesy of Gerry Bay.   In Digest 98.07.12, Gerry Bay described a cart mounted crank operated instrument. Here are some pictures to go along with his article. 


Looff Carusel at Whalom Park, Luneburg Massachusetts -- photos courtesy Mark Chester 

Music Boxes

Polyphon Horror Story -- by Michael Woolf (MMD 000902)
Unique Cylinder-Played Music Box Piano -- by Christian Greinacher 
Unknown 38-Note Cylinder Music Box -- by Christian Greinacher

Cast Metal Music Box -- by Christian Greinacher
Music Box Plays Self-Punched Paper Strips (92 kb) -- courtesy Hauke Marxsen
"Melodette!" -- A player glockenspiel from 1873, courtesy Philip Jamison
Unknown 4-tune Serinette in Australia  -- by Ralph Meyer

Cordephon Disk Image

Nickelodeon / Seeburg

Seeburg Wall Boxes -- by Don Teach 
Seeburg Style L Automatic Orchestra -- courtesy Don Teach
Nelson-Wiggen Style 6 Nickelodeon -- courtesy Don Teach
Wurlitzer Style S Nickelodeon -- courtesy Hal Davis
Seeburg K Art Glass "Dancing Girl" -- by Don Teach
H.G. Johnson Nickelodeon -- Courtesy of Tom Dawson


Welte Style 2 Cottage Orchestrion, formerly at Callart House in Inverness-shire -- byJonathan Holmes (000710 MMD)
The Seeburg G, America's Definitive Orchestrion -- by Tim Trager
Coinola Style SO Orchestrion -- courtesy Don Teach
Coinola Style CO Orchestrion -- courtesy Don Teach
Welte Orchestrions at Atlantic Garden -  courtesy Tim Trager
Orchestrions With Animated Musical Novelties -- by Tim Trager
"Spirit of Independence" - A New Orchestrion -- by Craig Brougher 
Seeburg Style H "Solo Orchestrion" Brochure -- by Tim Trager

Pipe Organs / Residence Organs / Organ Pipes

Siren Frequency Counter Measures Organ Pipe Frequency -- by Hans van Oost
Organ Pipe Repairs (Rats ate them!) -- by Vicki Webb
Welte Philharmonic 9-Rank Player Pipe Organ -- by Kyle B. Irwin
Repairing Reed Organ -- by John Dewey
Gavioli Residence Pipe Organ -- by Rick Cooley
Organ at Uniting Church of Australia in Forest St. in Bendigo, Courtesy of Michael Waters


Getz Steam Calliope -- Courtesy of Kathy E. Getz Santiago
Image of a Steam Calliope seen near Seattle in 1983
Image of a Steam Calliope seen near Seattle in 1983

Street Organs / Barrel Organs / Small Organs

Gem Organetta with Brass Music Roll -- by Brian Chesters (000731 MMD) 
"De Negentiger" Dutch Street Organ by Carl Frei -- by Hans van Oost (000727 MMD)
52-Key Gasparini Organ "Gypsy Queen" -- Tony Marsico (000712 MMD)

Street Organs in Belgium and The Netherlands -- by Adam Ramet
MIDI Controller for Hofbauer 37-key Street Organ -- courtesy Claus Kucher
Transparent 20-key Belly Organ  -- by Robbie Rhodes.  "Die durchsichtige 20er-Bauchorgel" and organ grinder Ron Bopp.
"De Poppenspaeler"  47er Drehorgel von Frederic Keller -- by Robbie Rhodes
"Kai Orgel" Barrel Piano of Netherlands Antilles -- by Ed Gaida 
Barrel-Operated 20-key Reed Organ -- by Wolfgang Brommer
Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organ (Drehorgel) with 17 figures -- Courtesy of Wolfgang Brommer
Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organ -- Courtesy of Wolfgang Brommer, Waldkirch
Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organs -- Courtesy of Hans van Oost, Holland

Image of a very old Barrel Organ
Image of the Facade of a very old Barrel Organ
Image of the barrel of a very old Barrel Organ
Image of a folded bass pipe from a very old Barrel Organ

Technical and Tools

Lauter-Humana Air Motor Pouch Rebuilding Tools -- by John A. Tuttle (000816 MMDigest)
Bob Essex MIDster Punch -- by Craig Johnson 
Piano Roll Repair Table -- by John Phillips (961218 MMDigest)
Telektra Paper Roll Reader -- Courtesy Bob Billings

Vacuum Operated Pouch Tool -- Courtesy of John Tuttle

An Interesting Leather Nut Tool

Unusual, Rare or Little-Known Machines

Water Organ at Moldova National Museum, Romania -- by Lenuta Chirita (000818 MMDigest)
Chein Melody Player Music Roll Drive -- photo by David Snelling (000817 MMDigest)
Michael Welte Flute Clock -- by Gerhard Dangel-Reese 
"Artisan Bandbox" Percussion Attachment -- by Tony Leo (MMD 000216)
Ben Franklin's Glass Harmonica at Franklin Institute, Philadelphia -- courtesy Ed Gaida
Encore Automatic Banjo -- courtesy Don Teach
Wurlitzer Automatic Harp  -- courtesy Don Teach
Musical Liquor Cabinet -- Courtesy of Bill Wineburgh
Musicano Manual Page 1, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
Musicano Manual Page 2, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
Musicano Manual Page 2, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
Musicano Manual Page 4, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
Musicano Picture 1, Courtesy of Beatrice Robertson
Musicano Picture 2, Courtesy of Beatrice Robertson


Mills Violano-Virtuoso -- courtesy Don Teach


More MMDers Around the World -- photos by Richard Vance 
Gotthard Arnold, Master Restorer of Bad Schönborn, Germany -- by Hauke Marxsen 
Four Active QRS Artists: George Bogatko, Bob Berkman, Hi Babit, Max Morath -- courtesy G. Bogatko
MMDers Around the World  -- photos of  MMD authors.
Photos from John Tuttle (Player-Care) -- courtesy John A. Tuttle
Robbie Rhodes, Jody Kravitz & Beatrice Robertson -- at MBSI meeting in Solana Beach CA, 13 Feb 1999.  Photo courtesy Kathleen Eric.
Mastertouch Artists Edith Murn -- Courtesy of Robert Perry
Mastertouch Artists Laurel Pardey -- Courtesy of Robert Perry

Angelo Rulli, Grinding
Ingmar Krause cranking his Konzert Raffin monkey organ

How to...

Apply Varnish Transfer Decals with White Glue -- by Don Teach
Tying a Knot in a Piano String -- by Art Reblitz, John A. Tuttle & Jon Page
Making Wound Bass Strings -- by John A. Tuttle
Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam -- by Paul Ward
Player Piano Transmission Repaired Via the 'Net -- by John A. Tuttle



Sheet Music Advertises "The Sterling" Player Piano -- by Damon Atchison (000416 MMD)
Pianola Lessons at Hickie and Hickie Ltd. (UK) -- by Adam Ramet
Seeburg Catalog of Automatic Instruments -- courtesy Don Teach.  High quality color images for printing.
1925 Super-Simplex Player Action Advertisement -- courtesy Gabe Della Fave 
Empress Electric Cabinet Player -- courtesy Ed Gaida
Wurlitzer Tonophone Poster "Collecting the Take" (113 kb) -- courtesy Don Teach
Player Piano Advertisements -- courtesy Damon Atchison
Edison Phonograph Ad in Cosmopolitan Magazine -- by Damon Atchison
Aeolian Keytop Player Ad, circa 1950 -- courtesy Dave Kerr
Standard Pneumatic Action Company -- by Robbie Rhodes
Portable Reed Organs -- by Robbie Rhodes
Advertisement for 1976 Duo/Art Player by Aeolian -- Courtesy Al Pebworth

Staib-Abendschein Mastertouch Advertising Poster -- Courtesy of Dean Randall 

Gatherings, Rallys, Tours

The Great Dorset Steam Fair -- photo courtesy Hans van Oost
Temecula CA Organ Rally 15-16 May 1999 -- photos by Robbie Rhodes
QRS Music Roll Company Tour in 1975 -- by Hal Davis 


European "Rolla Artis" Piano Rolls -- by John Phillips  (000706 MMD) 
De Dulciaan Speelt -- New CD Cover Artwork -- by William Kenney 
Label of "The Pearls", Vocalstyle 50488, played by Jelly Roll Morton -- courtesy Karl Ellison
High resolution (pearls1.gif 153kb) Low resolution (pearls1a.gif 12kb)
Piano Roll Retail Identification Labels -- by Karl Ellison


Technisches Museum Wien - Technical Museum of Vienna -- text & photos by Thomas Henden
The Wilhelmsbau Museum in Speyer, Germany, a new museum for self-playing musical instruments -- by Hauke Marxsen

Player Piano and Mechanical Music Themes

Player Piano Pocket Knife -- courtesy Harvey Roehl
Pictures from Etude Magazine -- by Karl Ellison

Dogbert Listening to an Antique Phonograph -- Courtesy of Scott Currier

Santa "pumping" cartoon -- Courtesy of Jim Canavan

Postcards and other Ephemera

Seeburg Sales Ephemera -- by Mark Forer
Autopianos and Battleship Row -- by Harvey Roehl
Player piano on Wills's Cigarettes "Famous Inventions" card circa 1915 (97 kb) -- courtesy Ian McLaughlin
Coinola Advertising Postcards & color poster -- courtesy Don Teach 
Mills Tune Card "New Violano Music" -- courtesy Don Teach
Mechanical Music in Vintage Postcards -- courtesy Tim Trager


Music Roll Cupboard Design -- by John Phillips
Ampico Smokestack

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