Pictures from Rotterdam

Oude Haven
Cubist houses - 1
Cubist houses - 2
Crazy Pianos - (There must be a connection between the wires on the bridge and wires of a piano)
Crazy car
Another crazy car
Hans van Oost
Marcella van Oost
Hans' orchestrion
Still life study

Kinderdijk and Windmills
Windmills - wide angle
Windmills - 2
Windmills - 3
Windmills - 4
Windmills - 5
Windmills - 6
Windmills - 7
Windmills - 8
Joyce and windmills
Hans and Joyce
Pony ride
Hans says these are the real thing!
Bicycle steered by five people - You figure out the mechanics
Another big wheel bike
Ferry boat at Schoonhoven
Gate at Schoonhoven
Inland mill for grinding grain

Beach at Den Haag
Building at beach
Sand sculpture - 1
Sand sculpture - 2
Dutch sunset at the beach
Buildings at the beach

Copyright 2001 by J. H. Brite