List of Pseudonyms - Reproducing Piano Roll Artists
Compiled by Steve Rattle and Peter Phillips

Adam Carroll
	Cal Adams
	Corrine de Bert - limited
	Giuseppi Collini
	Harry Shipman
	Victor Lane (from c.1929)

Angelico Valerio
	Harry Shipman - one roll

Edgar Fairchild (Milton Suskind)
	Corrine de Bert
	Enrico Lavarro
	Harry Shipman - limited
	Henri Lefevre
	Herbert Cooke
	Original Piano Trio (OPT) - part
	Sascha Baronoff

Edward Brightwell
	Bernard Francklyn

Frank Milne
	Bob Edgeworth
	Edwin Lester
	Ernest Leith
	Jaysnoff Sisters
	Jeremy Lawrence
	Noel Sherry
	Ralph Addison
	Robert Farquhar
	Robert Joyce
	Sherry Brothers

George Dilworth
	Original Piano Trio (OPT) - part

Gustave Reinert
	Gustav Starke

Hans Haass
	Edward Fox
	Edward Johnson
	F. Keller
	Felix Fox
	George Milner
	Hans Haeuser
	Hans Renner
	Hans Sommer
	Henry Dark
	Jean Maison
	John Hare
	Sidney Black

Heinrich Burkard
	Henry Burkhard

Herbert Clair
	Harry Shipman
	Original Piano Trio (OPT) - part

Henry Burkhard (Heinrich Burkard)
	H. Bernick
	Lisle W. Embree
	M. Dubois
	Richard Wheeler

Howard Brockway
	Al Sterling
	Andrei Kmita
Howard Lutter
	Stuart Gregory

J. Milton Delcamp
	Corrine de Bert - limited
	Nan Foster
	Victor Lane (up to c. 1928)

Jack Blair
	Ted Oliver

Leslie L. Loth
	Elsie Holt

Lewis J. Fuiks
	Victor Arden

M.E. Burnham
	Moi E. Moise

Marguerite Volavy
	Felix Gerdts
	George Kerr
	Joseph Lambert

Mettler Davis
	Leon Mitzski

Milton Suskind
	Edgar Fairchild

Ralph Reichenthal
	Ralph Rainger 

Robert Armbruster
	Gene Waldron
	Henri Bergman
	Robert Summers

Rudolph O. Erlebach
	Dorothy Herzog

Walter Kutschke
	W. Coach


The following names are assumed to be pseudonyms, as no biographical 
data (that can be verified) can be found on any of the following :

	Alex Swift
	B. Goodall
	Bella Fichter
	Benno Ebann
	Cliff Norman
	Ernst Sommer
	Gene McCormack
	George Haig
	Harvey Maddon
	Hayward Headden
	Ian Scott
	Irene d'Giovanni
	Jean Fabre
	K. Ebenstein
	K.W. Feldmann
	Lowell Grant
	M. Douloff
	Norman Wren
	Omar Hafiz
	P. Gayraud
	Paul King
	R. Hill

11 January 2005


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