Aeolian Organ Factory in Garwood, New Jersey
by George Bogatko (040802 MMDigest)

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aeolianGarwood3a.jpg (13 kb) I live near, and am always driving by, the former Aeolian Garwood, New Jersey, facility -- now Garwood Paper.  For years, I couldn't figure out what the company did because the chimney said "ianola" -- I just didn't make the connection.  Then one day I looked up at the logo over the front door and saw "The Aeolian Company."   Ding!

Folklore has it that this is where the player stacks were put into the Steinways, and then after the crash, taken back out.  I'd prefer to think this where the pipe organs were made (picture Charles Schwab Sr. stepping in Garwood mud.)   Historians are welcome to correct the folklore.

Pictures have been provided.  I have taken the liberty of electronically "restoring" the "P" on the chimney and removing various other clutter.  It just looks better with the "P".

George Bogatko
2 Aug 2004 09:19:30 -0400

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The former Aeolian Co. factory at
93 North Avenue, Garwood, New Jersey

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02 August 2004