Cotton Thread Secures Piano Rolls
by Christine Robinson (050911 MMDigest)

Joyce Brite asks about replacement rubber bands for piano rolls and I would like to make a suggestion.

Most of my Themodist rolls have thick cotton tied to the 'D' ring.  The cotton is about six inches long, rounded, and looks similar to crochet cotton.  This is wrapped around the rolled-up roll and secured 'round what looks like a small brass button.  It's not so invasive as a rubber band.

Quite a neat little invention, still works, and is still in situ eighty or so years later!  I've asked Robbie to place my photo of this in the MMD gallery.

Christine Robinson
11 Sep 2005 20:16:13 +0100

cRobinson_D-ring.jpg (24 kb)

John Phillips in Hobart, Tasmania, notes:
Hint: the persons attaching the original string put a half-hitch at the end of their string before attaching it to the D-ring.  Then they had only to put a second half-hitch around the D-ring and pull it tight.  Knowing this makes it easier to pry one of the original knots apart.

12 September 2005