Transparent 20-key Belly Organ
(Die durchsichtige 20er-Bauchorgel)
by Robbie Rhodes
JB20er1.jpg (63 kb)Earlier this summer, when I visited at the Jäger & Brommer organ factory in Waldkirch, Germany, I photographed a cute and very colorful little 20-key crank organ.   Orgelbaumeister Wolfgang Brommer explained:

"It's a 20-note chest organ (belly-organ), and it plays the standard 20-note paper roll music.  The case is built of thick transparent acrylic plastic sheet [like Lucite or Plexiglas, thickness circa 6 mm] so that you can see everything and how it works.  All the pieces of the organ inside are built in the traditional fashion, with solid wood and genuine leather."

The organ pipes and parts are painted in several bright colors.  I asked, "What do children say when they see it?"

"Oh, they really like it very, very much, because they can see the pump and the music roll moving inside and hear the lovely sound.

"We have orders now to build several more instruments for musuems, to show to the visitors and school children.  We have had great fun and success with this product."

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Robbie Rhodes

Here is another view of the transparent organ, and a photo of Ron Bopp grinding the Jäger & Brommer 20er in a beautiful burl walnut inlay case. 



03 November 1999  [return to MMD Pictures site]