Power roller instruments:
Hupfeld, Pianotist, Pianovo, Lyraphone

lyraphone1a.jpg (29 kb)
Smith "Lyraphone" pneumatic roll-playing push-up player, made ca. 1900
by Smith Lyraphone Company, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
photo courtesy Ray Fairfield
Hi-resolution image: lyraphone1.jpg (343 kb)

Hupfeld10_interior1.jpg (39 kb)
"Hupfeld Pianoplaying apparatus No. 10" disc-playing push-up player,
developed 1886 and made by J.M. Grob & Co., Leipzig,
sold by Ludwig Hupfeld A.G., Leipzig.
photo courtesy Automatia Musica Foundation, Brussels

pianovo1.jpg (40 kb)
"Pianovo" barrel-playing piano, possibly made by Popper, Leipzig
illustration courtesy Kring van Draaiorgelvrienden, Netherlands

pianotist1.jpg (99 kb)
"Pianotist" mechanical roll-playing piano player action
made ca. 1900-1905 by Pianotist Co., New York
illustration from Bowers' "Encyclopedia", page 582.

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04 December 2003