QRS Phonograph Model 15
by Jane Furlow (MMD 020110)
QRS adverts courtesy Bob Berkman, QRS Music Center

QRSph15._3a.jpg (18 kb)

I bought this phonograph at an auction in Durango, Colorado, in 1968.  My Dad loved "old" things so much and this was a birthday surprise for him that year.  I paid $3.00 for it.  It came with a stack of records and many needles.  Inside was a copy of "The Eagle", a Fraternal Order of the Eagle magazine, dated 1935.

The turntable is 9 inches diameter, and the case is 7 inches high by 15 inches wide by 11.5 inches deep.  The color is deep red, almost burgundy.  The decal inside says:

      Model 15
  The QRS Company
    Chicago USA

Thank you for taking the time to look at this.  I do hope your members may find some enjoyment in this challenge.

Jane Furlow
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 11:42:40 EST

Bob Berkman, QRS Music Center, Buffalo, NY, wrote to us:  "They were made in the very late 1920's and weren't very successful, but they do turn up now and then.  We have two different models here, and some advertising ephemera.  I seem to recall that one model resembles one of the late Edison portables (same vintage), which suggests a common manufacturer, but I have no further info.  Mike Montgomery told me he was seeking a QRS needle packet!  I'll be happy to send a photocopy what we've got but much of this material can be found in volume 5 of the Billings Rollography.  You should have it!"

QRSph15.jpg (26 kb)


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QRSph375.jpg (34 kb)

More photos courtesy Barry Kasindorf.  Note the rather square handle and the two-piece "throw back" tone arm; this spring-motor phonograph resembles the later QRS electric portable models with the sound port at the rear.

QRSphx_05.jpg (17 kb)

QRSphx_04.jpg (15 kb)

11 January 2002, 12 January 2002