Seeburg Catalog
of Automatic Instruments
courtesy Don Teach

CatA1.jpg (17kb)These high quality JPEG color images were scanned at 100 dots per inch and they print nicely at about 6.3 by 10 inches (16 by 25 cm).  I don't know the date of the Seeburg catalog but I would guess in the mid 1920s, since the KT Special was introduced in 1925, and I think the E Special shortly thereafter.

The catalog descriptions match the known insides of the Seeburgs I am familiar with but there are variations in the art glass designs.  I have never seen a Style E with the art glass shown in the different Seeburg catalogs.

I have two of the more common E's at home, one with violin pipes and the other with the xylophone.  Really late E models with pipes have been found with more pneumatics on the stack to play the piano notes in octaves.  They get one more octave of playing notes by coupling the last octave of treble notes.  I had an early E model with xylophone that did not have these extra notes, so there is some question as to when this change may have occurred.

It has always been assumed that Seeburg made a change from pipes to xylophone in the early 1920s, but no one knows for sure if there was production of both types of extra instruments at the same time.  There is also speculation that Seeburg would refurbish earlier instruments and add later features to them.

One of the later features was the addition of two metal bars to hold the roll in place above and below the tracker bar.  I had a K in which these bars were added by drilling into the tracker bar so little brackets could hold these metal bars, while late models had the roll frame casting modified to hold these hold down bars.  This same K also originally had holes in the side of the case for the volume control knobs, but the side holes had been filled and late style controls put on the front of the case.

Early K models are not as deep as the later K models: there is about 6 inches difference in the depth of the cases.  Early K models had a different pump than the late models; my K had the early pump.

Don Teach

 Seeburg Automatic Instruments - catalog cover  (820kb)

STYLE "A" - "The Sturdy Performer"  (820kb)

STYLE "B" - "The Artistic Automatic"  (819kb)

STYLE "E SPECIAL" - "The All-Purpose Orchestrion"  (833kb)

STYLE "E" - "The Automatic Master"  (785kb)

STYLE "G" - "Art Style Orchestrion"  (543kb)

STYLE "H" - "Solo Orchestrion"  (578kb)

STYLE "KT SPECIAL" - "The Matchless Orchestrion"  (835kb)

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