24-key Ariston Organette
by Ingmar Krause  (001112 MMD)

ariston02.jpg (12 kb)This 24-key Ariston organette was built around 1910, so it's a very young one.  It has been fully restored and is in wonderful playing condition.  It comes along with a couple of original Ariston discs.  If you like you can get a few rebuilt [copied] discs with it.  The serial number is either 435313 or 435318; it's not clearly visible.

Price is US $1728, plus shipping costs from Germany.  An audio demo cassette can be sent on request.  Photographs are attached.

Ingmar Krause
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 20:16:38 +0100

ariston01.jpg (19 kb)  ariston03.jpg (15 kb)

14 November 2000