Auto-Electric Coin Piano Friction Disc Drive
by Philip Jamison (060727 MMDigest)

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I'm working on the interesting 44-note Auto-Electric coin piano, sold on eBay a couple months ago, which we speculate runs on 110 vdc.  It uses an endless roll with a d.c. electric motor drive.  It looks like a friction disc drives the roll, rather like what Wurlitzer used.

The motor shaft is next to a drive disc made of leather sandwiched between metal plates.  The d.c. motor is mounted so it slides left and right.  The mystery to me is this: The motor shaft is missing whatever fit on it to drive the roll, and the motor shaft is so close to the leather disc (about 1/16"), I cannot see how it would work.  Any ideas?

Philip Jamison
27 Jul 2006 15:52:56 -0400

27 July 2006