Exhauster Pump With Bellows Outside the Frame
by Bill Chapman (031212 MMDigest)

boxPump1.jpg (30 kb)

Rescued from a music store that folded in Seattle was an unusual 4-bellows suction unit.  It is reversed from the usual configuration in that the moveable boards are on the outside, and the inlet is on the inside on the fixed board.

Try as I might I have never been able to identify the original instrument.  It is also curious in that it has refinements such as screw-down grease fittings on the arms to lubricate the friction points, yet has only a wooden pulley.  The configuration does allow for easy access to the flap valves.  Since all four sides are moving members, it is supported by a frame that must have attached to a flat surface.  Also unusual is the green bellows cloth, still somewhat flexible.

If anyone has an idea of where it came from I would like to hear from you.

Bill Chapman
La Quinta, Calif.  (Palm Springs area)
11 Dec 2003 21:22:35 -0800

boxPump0.gif (7 kb)
Ampico B box pump with curtain regulator attached

12 December 2003