Repairing Wandering Holes in a Music Roll
by Joyce Brite (020524 MMDigest)

I recently acquired a number of 1960's QRS and Aeolian piano rolls at an auction.  In the lot there were many good rolls which rarely show up in the second-hand market.

brite01.jpg (21 kb)One of the Aeolian rolls is a cute children's tune with pictures stamped on it.  I played it a few times and noticed that I always had to adjust the trackerbar while playing.  The music drifts off-track then returns a few bars later.  After making sure the roll was wound evenly, I discovered that the problem was actually shifting or uneven perforations.  Evidence of this was seen more clearly in another place in the roll.  I have scanned part of the roll and sent it as a separate file.

Aeolian should have found this flaw in the 1960's.  Since the company is no longer in business, I cannot return it to them as defective and ask for a replacement.

My pumper piano does not have an automatic tracking system.  Is there an easy <grin> way to repair this roll so that it tracks properly without splicing and realigning it?  One would need a microscope and the skills of a surgeon to adjust the mis-cut section one or two millimeters.  Suggestions?

Thank you,

Joyce Brite
Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange
24 May 2002 19:47:49 -0500 (CDT)

24 May 2002