Coinola Style CO Orchestrion
courtesy Don Teach

coinolaCOad.jpg (93 kb)

Recently in the MMD there was some discussion about the Coinola CO model.  Since these are very rare today I thought some readers might like to see photos of two original Coinola CO's.  The one with the blue shield in the glass (left photo) has non-original lamps and was on view for years at Toms Mechanical Music in Iowa before it was closed.  The one in the darker case is the original finish and came from the Chicago area in the 1960's.  It is the one that Haning and White owned.

coinolaCO1.jpg (200 kb)

This is another view of an original Coinola CO.  Note the straight sides as compared to the stepped sides on one of the other CO pictures.

coinolaCOFretty.jpg (254 kb)

This is a color photo of an existing C-2.  Early models had glass that was more intricate.  This model is the same as the one in the 1924 catalog.  The C-2 had flute pipes, snare drum, bass drum, cymbal, and mandolin.  This model was just below the popular Coinola X.  Early models had reeds instead of pipes.

coin_donsc2.jpg (197 kb)

coinolafactoryCO1.gif (97 kb)

01 September 1999, 04 April 2002