Coinola "Cupid" Nickelodeon
by Al Pebworth (MMD 010124)

Help!  I need someone with a "Coinola Cupid" willing to take some detail case pictures and interior pictures, and perhaps even some tracings.

This poor baby was owned by a NASA engineer who worked on the moon project.  Tired of the peeling oak veneer, he sent it out to a cabinet shop and had it fixed.  It is -- I'm not kidding! -- a "lunch-counter special" now, covered with that brownish wood-grain Formica, and all of the details removed.  I have the two art glass panels with the cat tail for the upper left and right, but am missing the middle panel.  I'm sending along a picture so you will believe what has happen to this poor instrument.  Any information greatly appreciated.

Al Pebworth
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 19:51:08 -0500

coinolaCupid.jpg (34 kb)

24 January 2001