Collen-Broadway Pneumatic Player Piano Action
by Françoise Dussour (010324 MMDigest)

Hallo MMD friends and player piano fans!  Can you help me?  I search for informations, date, and maker about a pneumatic piano made by J. Broadwood & Sons in London.  It is an 88-note player and the paper rolls are 285 mm wide.  The pneumatic system (very interesting) is made by Collen-Broadway, patent 327512.  I have attached files with some pictures.  Thanks for informations.

Best regards from Mirecourt (France)
Francoise Dussour
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:58:25 +0100

[It looks like metal primary unit valves atop the stack and metal secondary unit valves below.]

collenBroadway4.jpg (15 kb)

collenBroadway1.jpg (36 kb)

collenBroadway2.jpg (28 kb)

collenBroadway3.jpg (35 kb)

25 March 2001