65-key Gebrüder Bruder Elite Orchestra “Apollo” Organ
at Coney Island Carousell
by Jeff Alterman

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Here is a picture of the 65-key Gebrüder Bruder "Elite Orchestra Apollo" organ on the B&B Carousell at Coney Island which plays 66-key B.A.B. rolls.  I took the picture on May 23rd, 1997.

It seems to me that this organ on the B&B carousel is in the best condition of any of the surviving 65- and 69-key Gebrüder Bruder "Elite Orchestra Apollo" organs, since it appears that the pipework was never changed and that the case and the facade are original.  The only changes that were made to the organ was the conversion from book music to paper rolls, installation of a blower for the wind supply and possibly a different windchest; otherwise the organ appears to have been largely unchanged from the day it left the factory.

Jeff Alterman
05 Sep 2001

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Jeff Alterman riding the B&B Carousell on a cool Sunday, March 24, 2002.

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