Repairing Reed Organ
by John Dewey (990902 MMDigest)

I have a reed organ in the shop that the mice have had a good time chewing on.  "I hate mieces to pieces!" -- Sylvester J. Pussycat, Warner Bros. cartoons.  However they do make a nice "fphweeqquue" sound going up the hose to the shop vac.

Two adjacent reed cells were more gone than were there.  I got two reeds from my can of leftovers that were the right width and height, but too long, and covered them with McLube 444 and put them in.  Then I cut two blocks of wood that were the size of the reed cell holes, and a piece of wood to fill the space between the blocks (outside the reed cells), and covered them with McLube 444 and stuck them in what was left of the hole.

Then I filled the space where the wood was missing with "Lakeone Wood Rebuilder" from Webb Phillips & Associates (e-mail <>).  Once the wood filler had set, the wood pieces I had made and the reeds pulled out very easily.  A little sanding and, except for the color change, you can't tell that there had ever been any damage.

The Lakeone Wood Rebuilder stuff is a little pricey, but when you need it, it is well worth the money.

I am sending three pictures showing the finished repair.  Unfortunately I didn't take a shot of it before I started.  Have only had the digital camera about two weeks and forgot I had it.

deweyreed1.jpg (52kb)
deweyreed2.jpg (42kb)
deweyreed3.jpg (47 kb)

03 August 1999