From: "Ed Hayden" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Duo Art Transposing Tracker Bar
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 11:14:47 -0700

In MMD Digest 98.09.12 Dick Merchant asked for pictures and info about
the Duo Art Transposing Tracker Bar.
I have never had a use for it other than playing with the key of the
song. I understand that the Weber was custom built for a singer but I
have nothing to support this. The tubing is brittle and shifting them
with the tracker might cause failure.

When shifting to the right the top 4 playing notes are cut off.
Likewise, when shifted to the left the bottom 4 playing notes are cut

Picture 1 Shows the Tracker Bar with the shifting quadrant at the right side of the spool box.

Picture 2 Shows more of the shifting quadrant and the control valves.

Picture 3 Is a closeup of the lever to the tracker bar and the two control valves.

Picture 4 Shows the valve boxes that cut off the treble or bass notes

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