15.5" Polyphon Has No Dampers
by Wayne Finger (MMD 001105)

I am rebuilding a Polyphon 15.5-inch disc music box.  It is a single comb mechanism, with the comb in front of the star wheel gantry.  It is presenting two puzzles which may have a related answer.  Most of you fellow MMD'ers have lots more experience with these than I do, so here goes.  (Attached is a photo which will help explain.)

Dampers: There are no dampers present.  There is a small rail of star wheel brakes located on the gantry opposite the comb, but no dampers and not much room to put any dampers on the comb side of the gantry.  The "Disc Musical Box Handbook" shows a slot cut in the bedplate to make room for dampers on this type of comb, but no slot is present.  Any ideas or advice?

Extra Comb Holes: There are two slotted holes in the top of the comb and two holes in the side of the comb block.  Could these be for a damper mount, or for a zither?  The photo shows the holes clearly.  If anyone could e-mail back to me a photo of whatever attaches here looks like, I would really appreciate it, because I would like to make it work as much like it did originally as possible.

Thank you very much,

G. W. Finger
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 22:07:44 EST

PolyComb02.jpg (78 kb)

05 November 2000