Simple Orchestrion Coin Mechanism
by Zach Goldstein (030805 MMDigest)

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Hi to all:  I just recently visited the Music House Museum for the seventh time, and I obtained a coin mechanism from them.  What I was particularly interested in was the coin box itself.  Somebody else had built the coin mechanisms, (which consisted of a couple of relays, some solenoids, and a pneumatically operated micro-switch) but they had built the coin boxes.

The boxes are approximately 9" or 10" tall, 4" wide, and 3" thick.  They are made of oak paneling.  The coin is dropped from the top and it falls into a trough of sheet tin.  The tin is about 1/8-inch wide, and about 1/4-inch above the height of a quarter.  The coin falls down the chute and hits a micro-switch before falling through a slot into the coin box itself.  This momentarily connects the circuit, tripping the relay, and so forth.  I have included an image of the inner workings (more a schematic or a plan) and will include a photo of the box itself soon.

Zach Goldstein
05 Aug 2003 18:12:50 -0400

15 August 2003