"Cine Rai" Film Strip Projector Organette
by Christian Greinacher (020323 MMDigest)

cineRai1.jpg (39 kb)
Figure 1.

cineRai2.jpg (46 kb)
Figure 2.


Could anybody give me some more information about a music playing film projector which I have never seen before.  It is a metallic box with a crank and an optical system (fig.1 and 2). This projector, obviously a childrens toy, is signed with a label (fig.3):

cineRai3.jpg (18 kb)

The film strip (fig. 4, 5 and 6), a strong semi-translucent paper, contains two tracks of coloured printed pictures plus 15 lines of punched notes which control the airstream to 15 brass reeds.  When the crank is turned, the "film" is moved through the optics, a shutter gives alternating light (coming from an electric bulb inside the projector) through either one of the two picture tracks, so some movement of the pictures gets projected.

cineRai4.jpg (27 kb)    cineRai5.jpg (30 kb)
Figure 4.                                               Figure 5.

cineRai6.jpg (42 kb)A bellows pumps wind into the magazine bellows and the perforations on the film strip act as valves for the wind through the reeds.  On the magazine bellows a serial number 39076 is printed.  Even after all my best efforts in restoring the pneumatic system, the music sounds very weak and soft.

Who knows about this toy?  Where and when was it produced?  Could it sound and project pictures in a more acceptable quality?  Are there film/music rolls available?  I would appreciate any input.

Christian Greinacher, Germany
21 Mar 2002 18:10:49 +0100

23 March 2002