Paul Eakin's 52-key Gasparini "Gypsy Queen"
by Jim Welty (021023 MMDigest)

Recent MMD entries have made mention of Paul and Laura Eakins and one of their former organs, the "Gypsy Queen".  This beautiful 52-key Gasparini organ is over 100 years old and her case and wind chest were virtually destroyed by borers and worms while she was held captive at Bellm's Music and Worm Museum in Florida.  Sadly, at least two other fine machines, formerly in Paul Eakin's Gay 90's Museum collection, are now in the same or worse condition for the same reason.

After about two years of work, off and on, the "Gypsy Queen" is now about 90 percent rebuilt.  During this time I have received several e-mails as to the progress, or lack of same.   Since "one picture is worth 1000 words", I guess the three photos I am sending will save me from writing 3000 more words.

With any luck the "Gypsy Queen" should make her first public appearance at one of the COAA rallies in the spring.

Best of Luck,
Jim Welty
23 Oct 2002 00:50:37 EDT

GypsyQueen3.jpg (74 kb)

GypsyQueen4.jpg (74 kb)

GypsyQueen5.jpg (75 kb)

24 October 2002