Duo-Art Supplement in 1922 Harper's New Monthly
by Terry Smythe (010131 MMDigest)

Off eBay, I now have in hand the first in a multi-part series, "The Wonder of the Duo-Art".  It apparently emerged in 1922 in a periodical called Harper's New Monthly, later called Harper's Monthly.  The first article has the following intro:

The Wonder of the Duo-Art

This is the first in a series of articles on the Duo-Art piano.  Later issues of this magazine will contain articles by Ignaz Jan Paderewski, Josef Hofmann and others who will discuss the Duo-Art from an educational and cultural standpoint.   The article this month was written by Mr. Deems Taylor, music critic of the New York World, and originally appeared in a recent Sunday edition of that paper.

This 4-page article indicates the magazine is about the same size as National Geographic, similarly bound with two staples, published on a pale peach colored paper of high quality.  The article has no header, footer, nor page number to verify that it did indeed come from Harper's New Monthly.  While the article does contain a text advertisement at its end, it does appear to have been a featured series, 1 per month.    Doug Henderson recalls the article and believes it may have been as many as 8 parts over 8 months.

I'm trying to gather the other parts of this article, number unknown.  I've been poking around on the 'Net for sources and/or discussion about this kind of ephemera, but have found nothing so far.

Unfortunately, I do not have the original magazine.  The eBay vendor no longer has the remnants of the magazine, but in her eBay ad declared it came from a 1922 issue of Harpers New Monthly.  She's now looking for me for others.  That's all I know about it at this time.  I have no recollection of it ever reprinted in the AMICA Bulletin.  I see considerable merit in having the series reprinted for collectors worldwide and/or published on my web site.

By some wild chance, does anybody on MMD have any or all the parts to this very interesting series of articles?  Any suggestions where to start searching?


Terry Smythe
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 21:30:19 -0600

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