Unknown Piston Airmotor
by Randolph Herr (060619 MMDigest)

I recently bought an unusual wind motor on eBay that uses pistons instead of pneumatics.  Comparing this wind motor to the photos in the MMD Archive shows that it is not a Boyd Pistonola, as they used four cylinders, whereas mine uses three double-acting cylinders.  Of course, Pistonola might have changed the design over the years.  I have sent photographs for the MMD Archive.

I have two questions: Can anyone identify where this motor is from?  Also, is this motor intended to be disassembled?  I want to remove the tops and bottoms of the cylinders to see the pistons, and since it does not want to come apart easily after removing all the tensioning rods, I do not want to force it.

Randolph Herr
19 Jun 2006 11:25:18 -0400

herrPiston13.jpg (126 kb)

herrPiston14.jpg (119 kb)

herrPiston15.jpg (125 kb)

19 June 2006