MIDI Controller for Hofbauer 37-key Street Organ
photos courtesy Claus Kucher (991202 MMD)

Oberdorf  MIDI controller cartridge for 37-key street organ with percussion.

Hofbauer EPROM memory cartridges (labeled 3, 4, 5) installed in a Hofbauer 'Harmonipan' monkey organ.  At the left (in position 2) is the Oberdorf  MIDI controller cartridge, which takes the place of a Hofbauer EPROM cartridge, 

The Hofbauer proprietary encoded EPROM chips are installed in 28-pin sockets within the sturdy cartridge.  At the left is a closed cartridge with a list of the songs it plays.  The box is about the size of a video-cassette tape cartridge.

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02 December 1999