From: "J. van Oost" <>
To: Mechanical Music Digest 
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 11:51:09 +0000

Subject: Identifying Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organs

Just in case it would be helpful to you to have more pictures of organs by
Ignatius Blasius Bruder I send a JPEG-file of the instrument in the Utrecht
Museum "van Speelklok tot Pierement".
The organ was built about 1830. It has 25 keys; three for the figures and
twenty-two for the notes: c-g--b-e3 diatonical with f#1 and f#2. The conjuror
behind the table changes the objects on the table between bird, apple, die, and

Like Mr. Brommer, I am very curious if such instruments are known outside

Hans van Oost, Holland

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