Odd Retrofit Piano Player System of Circa 1900
by Philip Jamison (030817 MMDigest)

Here are a couple photos of the player piano auction in Philadelphia, 16 August 2003.  One photo shows the mechanism of the odd early retrofit player.  [Ref. 030816 MMDigest, Player Piano Auction in Philadelphia 16 Aug 2003]

The rollframe is to the upper right.  This is driven by a pulley inside the piano on the shaft operating the exhausters attached to the rear of the piano.  Note the big piece of asbestos in front of motor.

The other photo shows the entry hall at the auction lined with upright foot-pumpers (and a stove!).  This was only a 20% of the pianos offered.

Phil Jamison
17 Aug 2003 09:17:50 -0400

jamison_retrofit01.jpg (43 kb)

jamison_retrofit02.jpg (36 kb)

19 August 2003