Welte Philharmonic 9-Rank Player Pipe Organ
by Kyle B. Irwin

Here are pictures for the MMD Archives of my new Welte Philharmonic 9-rank player pipe organ and also my Reproduco player pipe organ.

The Welte was the original studio organ located in the showroom of the first Barker Bros. department store in downtown Los Angeles (on Broadway, before they moved to 7th street in 1926 and installed three more Welte player organs).  It was sold to Anita Baldwin, daughter of "Lucky" Baldwin of Arcadia fame, and later sold to the Masonic Lodge in South Pasadena in 1930.  I acquired it in late October 1999.

Anyone with knowledge of this organ, please contact me.

Kyle B. Irwin
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 21:21:31 EST




13 November 1999, 20 Nov. 1999