Unknown 4-tune Serinette in Australia
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From: remeyer@ozemail.com.au (Ralph Meyer)(fwd)

A couple of years ago I acquired this home made (?) "serinette" type 4-tune barrel organ.  The auction catalogue assured me that it was circa 1850, and on advice I paid a leg and an arm for it.

It appears that the housing came first, and that the mechanism was built into it.  The outside box dimensions are 360(L) x 223(D) x 220(H) mm.  The pinned barrel is about 240 mm long, and has 22 notes.

As shown on the illustrations, the mechanism, bellows, etc. are quite crudely constructed.  Nevertheless the resultant sound -- all things considered -- is quite good.

There is nothing to further identify this very charming piece and I'm hoping that somebody out there much more knowledgeable than I am can throw some light on the history of this item.

Ralph Meyer

16 Feb 1999 22:40 -0800