"De Negentiger" Dutch Street Organ by Carl Frei
by Hans van Oost (000727 MMD)

Tom McAuley wrote in MMD 000726:

I have enjoyed listening to a couple of CD's I got through the Musical Heritage Society, entitled "The Dutch Street Organ", volumes 1 & 2.  The music is played by Straat Draaiorgel (Pierement) "De Negentiger", Orgelfabriek Carl Frei, Breda, The Netherlands, ca. 1930.

While the liner notes tell me some about street organs in general, and a lot about this particular organ, there is no picture!  Can somebody post a picture of this organ so I can see what I am listening to?  Thanks!

Oh, for those who keep track of these things, the CD's were recorded in June, 1989, and are MHS512675L (vol. 1) and MHS512755T (vol. 2).  Neither disc is listed in the current catalog.

I have attached a photograph of the "Negentiger" organ for Tom.  Unfortunately it is not in full colour.  It was originally in the KDV's 25 years anniversary booklet.  Happy listening, Tom!

Hans van Oost
Kring van Draaiorgelvrienden (KDV)
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 21:56:48 +0200

negentiger.jpg (146 kb)

27 July 2000