Nelson-Wiggen Style 6 Nickelodeon
courtesy Don Teach

nelsonWiggenS6.jpg (146 kb)This a photograph of a Nelson-Wiggen Style 6 with original art glass, formerly in the Haning and White collection.  This American nickelodeon has the same instrumentation as a Seeburg KT special or Seeburg E Special, with piano, mandolin, snare drum, bass drum, triangle, castanets,and wood block.

The xylophone has a pnuematic that moves the beaters closer to the xylophone bars on command from the soft pedal perforation in the roll. Since this machine, as does the Seeburg, has more instruments than holes in the roll, it multiplexes. The Nelson-Wiggen has two shifters in it to multiplex with, whereas Seeburg has one. The first shifter is operated from the soft hole and the second shifter works with the xylophone.

These instruments are very rare today.

Don Teach
Sat, 6 May 2000 09:58:19 -0500

nelsonwiggenS6ad.jpg (57 kb)

15 May 2000, 04 April 2002