1926 QRS Advert for "Real Blues" Recordings
by Robbie Rhodes ( 010421 MMD)

MMDer Bob Pinsker has been busy researching materials for Mike Meddings and his fine web site at http://www.doctorjazz.freeserve.co.uk/

Bob found a very interesting QRS advert announcing "Recent Recordings that are Real Blues", and which names Jelly Roll Morton, among other familiar composers, as a Q.R.S. recording artist.  The ad is from the Chicago Defender, 27th November 1926, page 7.

I asked Mike about the relationship between Morton and J. Lawrence Cook, since I've heard that Morton was not liked by all musicians, although they respected his talent.  Mike replied, "J. Lawrence Cook never met Morton although he did admire him.  JLC was responsible for creating the transcriptions of Morton piano solos in the late 1940's.  He had been assigned to do this by Roy Carew."

Thanks to Bob and Mike for sharing the advert image with MMD.

Robbie Rhodes


21 April 2001