Street Piano by Luis Casale, Barcelona
by Jere Ryder (011101 MMDigest)

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Hello Charles Barrett,  Read with interest the short note in 011031 MMDigest about your recent find in Spain.  It just so happens that there is another fairly large barrel piano labeled "Luis Casale, Barcelona" not far from us here in New Jersey.

We are disposing of the musical box portion of the collection of that estate (Regina's, Mira, Symphonion, etc...), but there is still this fabulous Spanish barrel piano by "Luis Casale" sitting in the front hallway, ground-floor, waiting for a new home!  Not known for light weight, it also has an iron harp and wood soundboard, 60 keys and 5 saucer-shaped, nested bells at the left rear side.

The instrument is nearly 5' length x 4.5' height with a massive pinned wooden cylinder in very good condition.  The entire cabinet also retains in excellent condition its original, bright red false-grain finish.  Asking price on this instrument is $2500.  I am sending two photos for reference.

In my searching through all our related reference books, I've found most similar pieces by a variety of makers, all in the Barcelona region, but none mention this particular maker.  If you or anyone you know has an interest in acquiring this instrument, please contact us immediately as the widow-owner is anxious to get her front hallway back!

Best regards,

Jere Ryder
AutaMusique, Ltd. (Mechanical Music Specialists)
2 Kent Pl. Blvd., Summit, NJ 07901 USA
tel.: 908.273.1513 / fax: 908.273.9504

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01 November 2001