Seeburg Wall Boxes
by Don Teach

Seeburgwallbox1.jpg (56 kb)

There have been several wall boxes for Seeburg Coin pianos on eBay auction.  The enclosed picture shows three Seeburg wall boxes.  The two on the left are original and made of aluminum, and weigh almost nothing.  The one on the right is a reproduction of nickel-plated brass and it weighs several pounds.  It was made in the 1970's by a restorer in California.

The coin entry on the two original ones have a lip on the front, while the reproduction is flat.  Most of the original wall boxes used a flat key like the one in the center of the photograph.    I do not know of any original Seeburg wall boxes having been made of brass and then nickel plated, but I have not seen them all.

Don Teach
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 21:35:03 -0500

8 June 2000