Jake's Painted Player Piano
by Craig Smith (060526 MMDigest)

Hi,  I just couldn't resist the opportunity to share my own verse of  the "Painted Piano Blues" [ref. 060524 MMDigest, "Painting a Piano"].

My co-worker, Jake, is an exceptional industrial designer.  We both worked for Xerox for over three decades before retirement and Jake had the reputation for innovative design, including a number of design patents.  The interior (and exterior) of his home reflects the sophistication of his design ability and was often the topic of discussion when someone new to the department had a chance to visit.  For example, his home clearly outshone the homes of all four of the design managers we both worked for over the years.

Jake's kitchen is partly painted (by hand) in a black and white checkered pattern and the dining room walls were once 'papered' in aluminum foil.  But the room I liked most was his living room.  It was painted by hand in large black and white flowers.  It was quite a shock to those of the traditional persuasion but, at the hands of an artist, it was stunning.

It often took several minutes before the new arrivals realized that Jake and his wife and two girls had a player piano.  The effect defies written description so please look at the photo via a link that Robbie will provide and see if you don't agree that the decorated piano was worth much more than the $25 that he paid for it in 1970.  In fact, he got several times that much when he redecorated the room and finally sold it.  Fortunately it didn't start life as a $10,000 Steinway grand.

Craig Smith
near Rochester, New York
Fri, 26 May 2006 19:53:09 -0400

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30 May 2006