Strange Coin Mechanism in Olympia Musical Box
by Craig Smith (051207 MMDigest)

smithcOlympia01.jpg (59 kb)

Hello from the just now snowy Northeast!  I recently bought an Olympia 15-1/2" disc box in a rather nice case.  Unfortunately, it has a few problems.  Most I can take care of when the time comes, but there are two things that I could use some help with.

First, it is missing the two damper rails.  Would any of you folks happen to have, or have access to, a set of damper rails for this box?  It sure would save me a lot of time making them.  I'll be happy to pay cash money or trade a few disks or some combination.

Secondly, the coin mechanism is really strange.  Well, maybe not for an Olympia box, but I haven't seen one like this before.  It has two cast arms, one of bronze and one cast steel, and a coin "pocket" with an articulated trapdoor (missing).  There are clearly a couple of  other parts missing and I'd be really happy to have a picture of a complete one.  Does anybody have a 15-1/2" Olympia coin-op that I could have a picture of?  Please don't assume that someone else will reply.  If you
have something, please reply.  I'll send a picture of the coin op mechanism that I have for the MMD Archives.

Thanks for your help.
Craig Smith
near Rochester, New York, USA
07 Dec 2005

07 December 2005