Sheet Music Advertises "The Sterling" Player Piano
by Damon Atchison (000416 MMD)

I found this sheet music at an antique store: "The Sterling - March and Two-Step", by Charles D. Macdonald and Charles Ellis Hunter, copyright 1906 by Sterling Piano Co. of Derby, Connecticut.

Notice the two Sterling pianos on the front cover, one with a Sterling cabinet (push-up) player, the other a standard player piano.  The back cover of the sheet music has an ad for a Sterling straight (ordinary) piano, sold by the Grinell Brothers.

Damon Atchison
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 15:29:56 -0400

sterling_pg1.jpg (92 kb) cover
sterling_pg2.jpg (84 kb) title page
sterling_pg3.jpg (88 kb)
sterling_pg4.jpg (96 kb)
sterling_pg5.jpg (100 kb)
sterling.mid (13 kb) MIDI file of the sheet music

sterling_pg1.jpg (92 kb)

21 April 2000