Nickelodeon Wall Boxes
by Don Teach

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The photo above shows a group of  wall-mounted coin boxes which played nickelodeons.  The very first wall box in the rear on the left is a European made wall box.  The others are American made, the earliest being the Wurlitzer box at the left.  Behind the Wurlitzer is a Mills Violano wall box, which is the same wall box used for the early Mills jukeboxes.  Next is a later style Seeburg box (opened), and behind it is a Monarch wall box used by many companies.  Next are two Seeburg boxes: the upper one is a late style and the lower one is a cast iron model that is usually found cast in aluminum.  The Peerless box on the far right is very rare.

Don Teach
3 Oct 2001 10:24:53 -0500

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Late Seeburg
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Early Seeburg
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03 October 2001, 13 December 2001