Apply Varnish Transfer Decals with White Glue
by Don Teach

Varnish transfer decals are easy to apply and make for a professional appearance.  Most old piano names are available and many are new old stock.  I always buy two of them because they are inexpensive (about $3.00 each) and just in case I have an accident.

First step would be to locate the part of the piano that you want to apply the decal.  Decals do not always go over Middle C, so measure carefully.  Separate the tissue paper from the cardboard paper at the corners just a little.

Spread white glue on the decal and position the decal to its final location (where you want it).  Use a plastic credit card to smooth the decal into position with light pressure.  The glue will run out from under the paper and cardboard backing.

Now peel the cardboard away from the tissue paper carefully, leaving the tissue paper in place on the piano.  I use the credit card again to carefully smooth out any wrinkles or globs of glue.  Let it dry.  In these photos the decal was left to dry for four hours.

The final step is the cleanup of the tissue paper which dissolves in water.  I use a damp wash cloth to clean the tissue paper and excess glue.  These decals are always put on a piano that has a finish.  I have never tried this method on bare wood.

I buy my decals from Larry Ashley, e-mail <>.

Don Teach
Sat, 26 Feb 2000 17:56:29 -0600

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27 February 2000