Milton "Tom Thumb" Piano
by Phyllis Haynes (001109 MMD)

Could you tell me something about an early Tom Thumb piano?  It was supposedly carried on a covered wagon and they would pull it out on the back and play for people.

The decal on the key cover says, "Tom Thumb Piano Mfd by Milton Piano Co. New York."  The serial number is 160128, which I found stamped into the cast iron frame.

It has three strings per note in the treble and two strings per note in the bass.  It has 34 white keys; I didn't count the black keys.  Most of the keys still play.  Height 40-1/2", width 39", depth 22".

It has original red paint with an oriental scene on front, has all ivory keys, and a matching bench.  Could you give me a price range as to its worth?

Phyllis Haynes <>
Sat, 4 Nov 2000 10:17:09 -0600



tomthumb3.jpg tomthumb4.jpg

09 November 2000